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Kevin Marion

President of Global Hockey Advisors, Kevin is a 3 consecutive NCAA Division 3 champion and was coached by Terry Ruskowski.

Milos Host

Milos is the Vice President of Global Hockey Advisors and has played against some of the most notable NHL players.

Jan Lasak

Jan has 18 years experience in pro level hockey, 10 world championships, Olympics, and World Cup.

Dusan Sidor Jr.

Hockey experience in Europe and North America, Dusan has been coaching since he was 16 years old.

Mike Rathje

Mike is the Co-Hockey Director for Waukesha County Youth Hockey Club with extensive playing and coaching experience.

Rick Fleming

With over 30 years coaching experience, Rick serves as a scout & created and runs a hockey training camp.

Kurt Semandel

Kurt has played hockey at multiple levels around the world and extensive coaching experience including coaching college and professional players.

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